20 Activities to Do During the Grief Period

20 Activities to Do During the Grief Period
August 23, 2021 No Comments Self Development emmahjoy

Create a memory box. The activity involves having the individual decorate a box how best they can. Then they put in items that remind them of the deceased that they like. The items could be photos of them together, favourite presents from them, or even clothing.

Write letters. The process is a way of releasing pent-up thoughts. The person can write down what they wish they had told them before they died, or tell them how they are feeling at the moment. It is okay to encourage constant writing if they have something to say.

Fill in Journals. Find a notebook or journal and encourage the individual to key in how they feel day-to-day. They can also make drawings and tell stories about the drawings they made.

Before and after Family pictures. The activity involves drawing of the family members before the deceased left and after their death. It helps the person process the transition and gives them a picture of the new reality.

Finish the sentence. The activity is used to engage the individual and help them start a conversation about the death. It helps know what the person is thinking and how to handle them

Go for hikes. There can never be anything better than driving all the pent-up emotions into energy for a hike. One has the chance to scream, shout, jump and run as a way of release.

Build a song playlist. You can make a playlist of the songs they liked most that help you remember them.

Listen to podcasts. It might sound cliche, but finding strength from other people speaking to you is a great help.

Meditation. Clears the mind from destructive thoughts and helps you find the correct focus again.

Read books. I like to live in the fantasy of great stories. Reading books relating to your grief experience not only builds you up but also gives you comfort.

Write down favourite moments and memories. It helps to commemorate the loved one. Such that you get to look back and have a reason to smile.

Make a scrapbook. It could be of the two of you together or with family or just pictures from fun events that the deceased used to engage in.

Appreciate the simple things in life. When handling grief nothing seems worthwhile. However, focusing on the little joys and little wins takes one a milestone ahead from where they were yesterday.

Join a club or support group. It is the best way to find people who resonate with your grief. It helps to find out that more people like yourself have the same story.

Volunteer to a cause that touches you. At this period one might be filled with empathy. Giving out support could be a better way to deal with the intense emotions that can crop in.

Take time and breathe. Often, an individual never realizes how much they are engaging in as a way of distracting themselves from grief. Sometimes all you need to do is breathe.

Have moments to reflect on the good times. There are moments that you can never forget. Reminding oneself of those good times brings healing knowing the deceased was happy too.

Practice the spirit of gratitude. Be thankful for what you have at the moment. It helps an individual to see how much more there is to life.

Meet up with friends. The company of friends reminds you that life has to go on. Keeping in touch with friends helps the individual to regain balance and bounce back to their normal life.

Laugh. It is simply that, laugh a whole lot more.

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