Can a Phlegmatic Marry a Phlegmatic?

Can a Phlegmatic Marry a Phlegmatic?
September 16, 2021 No Comments Mental health emmahjoy

Yes, an individual with a phlegmatic temperament can marry another individual with a phlegmatic temperament. However, the chances of getting such a relationship are very minimal. This is because individuals with phlegmatic temperaments rarely get attracted to one another.

If a phlegmatic gets involved with another phlegmatic in a relationship, they would have a fulfilled relationship. This is because they understand each other’s relationship fantasies.

The Phlegmatics are the kind of individuals who would not settle for less than they expect in a partner. They are the idealist in search of perfection. They would rather stay alone than be with someone less perfect than they wish for.

The couple in this relationship have the same character traits; they are both welcoming and friendly. They are both romantic, and they know how to express their emotions to the ones they love.

They have the best communication skills since they know how to express their emotions. They will talk about many subjects because they thrive when they collect information.

The strength of a phlegmatic to a phlegmatic relationship is that they both are honest and genuine. They try their level best to make the relationship work. In addition, they both have a passion that keeps the relationship alive.

The weakness that comes up in this relationship is that they are always close and together almost all the time hence, one partner, in the long run, would feel smothered and need space. Which eventually could lead to their relationship breaking apart.

The relationship is also faced with a lot of indecisiveness. This is because a phlegmatic individual naturally likes to ruminate over a thought for a very long time and never actually end up making a decision. So the combination of the two of them together can make the decision-making process a lot worse.

Another serious problem is that both of them tend to avoid confrontation to solve a problem. Instead, they would think and talk about it without their partner, which might develop resentment.

Therefore, a Phlegmatic individual can be considered compatible with another phlegmatic individual. They can work through their weaknesses and build a great relationship together. They majorly should learn to take problems instead of running from them.

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