Can Melancholic and Melancholic Marry?

Can Melancholic and Melancholic Marry?
September 28, 2021 No Comments Mental health emmahjoy

If one questions whether a melancholic individual can marry another melancholic individual, then the answer is YES.

The positive response is rooted in the fact that a melancholic to a melancholic relationship is considered the most natural type of relationship. This is because they often get attracted to each other. It is the combination that is likely to last longer in a relationship and is likely to get married. They also have very minimal chances of getting divorced.

The two are considered to be naturally compatible because they understand each other’s needs way better than other personality types. Working together, they are likely to bring close friends together and form a community of their own.

It is the relationship that is filled with calm and relaxation. They are not hasty about making decisions and understand each other’s needs to think things through before acting. They both enjoy the security that slow decision-making brings to the relationship.

The strength of this kind of relationship is that they get to learn from their mistakes and prepare to do better when a similar occurrence happens. They barely make mistakes because every love they make has been thought through and backed with facts and logic.

Since the two of them are both traditional, they are likely to have shared values and belief systems that work well for both of them. They barely bend rules, they are loyal and would follow through with rules just so they do not make a mistake.

Their weakness lies in the fact that both of them have the need to be right therefore, they would constantly be in arguments since each of them believe their ways are the best. They are also stubborn and like to keep to their routine and can only change when the reason for changing seems to factually make sense to them.

Among all the temperament combinations talked about in this blog, the Melancholic to Melancholic relationship compatibility is the least strenuous. This is because the attraction happens naturally. Therefore, they are likely to thrive and make one of the best relationships.

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