Choleric and Choleric Compatibility in a Love Relationship.

Choleric and Choleric Compatibility in a Love Relationship.
October 12, 2021 No Comments Mental health emmahjoy

Cholerics generally do not get attracted to each other. However, in some cases, male cholerics’ are more likely to be attracted to a choleric female. The compatibility of one person to the other is defined by how much effort the two people are willing to go the extra mile. Therefore I would say that there is compatibility between a Choleric to a choleric in a love relationship.

The strength in this relationship lies in their ability to understand each other. They are people who deal with logic and facts and are likely to be confused for people who are cold. They come across as straightforward people who would be blunt and speak their minds.

The couple enjoys each others company as they have a lot of knowledge on general things that their partners admire and can relate to. They would also enjoy the comfort of debating with a fellow informed individual.

The Cholerics are good decision-makers who take time to weigh their alternative options before settling on one way of doing something. Due to this trait in both of them, they are likely to get along better than a choleric in another combination.

The weakness of the choleric to choleric pair lies in the fact that they do not like to express emotions. Therefore, in a relationship, they would often try to solve the problems detaching their emotions from influencing their perspectives which might be very dangerous.

The other major weakness in this kind of relationship is that they are both busybodies who love to work and accomplish things. Therefore, after the initial stages of their relationship honeymoon, they might drift apart as each of them gets lost in their work and long term projects.

The relationship can work when the couple is aware of themselves and that they have to also put some work into their relationship for it to be sustainable. They have to also learn that it is okay to be vulnerable to one another and that they can show their emotions too.

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