Choleric Temperament Blends

Choleric Temperament Blends
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The article focuses on three Choleric combinations that exist and tries to explain these traits and characteristics in-depth. Here is a personality test if you have not done one yet. You can also read our previous article explaining more about primary temperaments.

Choleric- Sanguine Blend

The Choleric-Sanguine individual is often referred to as the second strongest combination. The most basic trait of the choleric-sanguine combination is that they like to be the center of attention. As a result, the combination is often a leader in different circumstances.

They are driven by the need to get things done and still be accepted in their social world. This is based on the traits of the two major types of temperaments at play.

The choleric traits dominate the Choleric-sanguine combination. Therefore, they have the drive to achieve results in what they do. They have a sense of purpose and can be very productive.

They are goal-oriented and tend to be very persuasive such that they often get their way. They may appear angry if things don’t go as they want. They are characterized with impatience as they want things to be done “now.”

Their need to gain results drives them to be forceful in pushing their agenda and ideas. Some people can look at their traits as being violent. They are also quick to anger and barely forgives mistakes.

They also like to be in charge because of how confident they are about making decisions. They easily influence other people due to their sanguine personality that carries a charm. They are those politicians that people love or preachers that get massive followers.

They have a lot of energy to carry out activities and when there is nothing to do they become bored. But, on the other hand, their minds are always active and ready to accomplish something major.

They like having power and thus may appear very authoritative. Due to this trait, they are always in positions of leadership.

They like challenges, and their need to be successful in what they do makes them very competitive. As a result, they tend to impose their need for success on other people and be very impatient.

They are thinkers who, when given time, come up with a lot of creative ideas and plans with little information.

Choleric-Phlegmatic Blend

The two needs that drive the Choleric-Phlegmatic combination are the need for results and the need to accommodate others. The two personalities combined result in a determined, goal-oriented, and unemotional personality as they pursue a given goal.

The unique thing about this combination compared to other combinations is that it is very individualistic and unyielding. They take their time before making a decision. Thus have moderate and deliberate moves.

They tend to order people around, telling them what to do. They are very stubborn and strong-willed. Once they make a decision, you can never change their minds.

They appear unfriendly and rarely have a smile on their face. However, they can be direct and brief, confident in their ability to make decisions.

It is one of the combinations that are rare to find.

Choleric-Melancholic Blend

The needs that drive this combination are the need to get results and do things in the right way. The combinations bring out a trait focused on producing results, has detailed plans, and works hard throughout their lives.

Unlike other choleric combinations, the combination is compassionate and makes specified strategies to accomplish their goals. However, they are also not interested in social engagements whatsoever. They are, therefore, often having strained interpersonal relationships.

These are the people you can find very hard to please and are also accompanied by perfectionist traits. They can easily get annoyed but calm down quickly.

They like to bring about change because they are great decision-makers. They are very analytical and hardworking. Due to this trait, they are always very successful in what they choose to do. They also carry with them traits of independence.

They are mostly considered dictators by other people who get to work with them. This is because they tend to be very forceful and have a workaholic trait in them.

They are natural-born leaders. They are swift in making decisions, and one can always count on their presence as a leader. They are the type of people who are resourceful and very knowledgeable. You can never debate with them unless your fact sheet matches their own.

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