Choleric in a love relationship

Choleric in a love relationship
October 14, 2021 8 Comments Mental health emmahjoy

A choleric person is an individual whose temperament is characterized by logic, facts in conversations, bravery and confidence, they are fiery and comes across as a person with a harsh personality. Learn more about choleric temperament here.

Given the brief description above, you might wonder, how do you love a person with such a strong personality? How do they express their love? can a choleric to choleric relationship work? If you are already married how can you deal with this temperament type? Well, It looks like a lot of questions. However, I researched and put together some helpful information that can help to clarify and learn their behaviour.

What to expect when dating a choleric

A choleric person due to their temperaments would most likely be in the driver seat of the relationship. They would be calling shots, drafting activities that you need to do, enjoying discussions that turn into debates and they most likely appear as controlling. The romantic gestures portrayed when pursuing their partner was only goal-oriented and it’s likely to change during dating or marriage.

Who are choleric’s attracted to?

A choleric individual is attracted to a partner with who they can share their knowledge. A person who is intelligent and can give them a challenge. Due to their informed nature, they like a partner who is a good listener and one who can handle disagreements well. They also like to have a partner who unlike them, is emotionally expressive and flexible.

Can a choleric and choleric relationship work?

Yes, a choleric individual can date or marry another choleric person. Most people tend to question this type of relationship because both individuals have strong personalities. I have come to find out that the compatibility between different temperaments depends on how the two individuals are self-aware and willing to put some work into the relationship to thrive. However, two Cholerics in a love relationship can be very successful since both of them are good at communication, are goal-oriented and make great decisions.

How does a choleric Love?

They try to love by taking control and leading their partners. They feel responsible for taking care of their loved ones, therefore, they would shift their concentration to their work in order to provide for their partners.

How to love a choleric person

The choleric individual would love a challenge so if you are still in the talking stage of your relationship, then give them a chance to pursue you they love it. They would go out of their way to treat it as an actual task with goals to accomplish. They would appear as romantic which is barely their strength, showing up with gifts and flowers.

The choleric person does not do well in a social environment. Therefore, do not force them to socialize.

They will appear as controlling instead of battling them, or controlling them back, learn how to negotiate with them using facts and logic.

Do not feel left out when they accomplish tasks on their own. Their personality is task-oriented and thus, they like taking responsibilities. Give them that opportunity to thrive.

The choleric individual needs constant affirmation. Therefore, try to give them special gestures.

Learn their secondary temperament since most people have a secondary and third temperament.

Also if you have a choleric partner know that they are prone to bursts of anger. Learning how to deal with them during an episode would help the relationship.

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