Choleric man in a love relationship

Choleric man in a love relationship
August 16, 2022 No Comments Mental health emmahjoy

If you are looking this up, chances are that you have come across a choleric man. From the

research I have done, a Choleric man is an individual with a strong personality and might

appear to be harsh. Therefore, the main question is, how does this man behave in a love



The Choleric man knows the goals that he wants to achieve and goes all out for

them. They would pursue a woman with a goal in mind. Whether the goal is positive or not,

they are the individuals who barely give up in a chase. Therefore, when dealing with such a

person, it is crucial to have a sit-down and get to know their motives


The Choleric man just like their counterparts likes to be in the driver’s seat of

the relationship. They would take initiative in planning their dates, vacation trips, and

other enjoyment activities. They might come off as controlling as well. However,

understanding this need to be in control can be a positive thing for their partners. You

can let them plan and spare yourself the headache that comes with the process. Being

perfectionists the Choleric, one cannot doubt that they will not accomplish the tasks by themselves.


The Choleric man would take the role of a provider seriously. This is because

Choleric individuals are generally industrious and they express their love by being able to

take responsibility. They often are the parents that would be away from home most of the

time concentrating on their work.


They may come off as extroverted but the twist is that they are extroverts who

are task-oriented. They would be in a social environment not for the fun as a Sanguine

would, but most of the time because they have a role to play or something to gain. If you

want to drag a choleric man to an event, use logic, let him know what he would be gaining

by attending the event and you won’t have to ask him twice.


The Choleric man is also a perfectionist who likes to have their own way. Most

often, things will not go as anticipated. Therefore, they would likely burst into anger. The

Choleric individuals are highly tempered and emotionally expressive. It is therefore

important that if one is dating or in a love relationship with a choleric, they should learn how

to manage their anger.


In conclusion, the choleric man in a love relationship is responsible, takes initiative, goal

oriented, and temperamental. They tend to be the most confident and brave people in the

group. In a love relationship, trying to fight their strong personality might only result into

lots of chaos. Thus when handling a choleric man, understand their temperament traits and

find which methods work to manage them rather than fight them.

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