Choleric Woman in a Love Relationship

Choleric Woman in a Love Relationship
August 15, 2022 No Comments Self Development emmahjoy

A choleric individual is generally strong-minded and comes off as a no-nonsense person. General characteristics of a

choleric are discussed in this previous article. In most cases, we find that a

person tends to have multiple temperaments. Psychologists have labeled

such a case as a temperament blend. You can read more about the Choleric blends in this article.

In a love relationship, a choleric woman still retains her need

for leadership. She would take initiative in most situations and help get

activities running. She is known to be a busy person and the most

productive individual.

The downside of her leadership nature in a relationship is that she does

not like to follow other people’s instructions. She has the need to do things

in her own way get to meet her goals and target.

A choleric woman is not driven by feelings or emotions therefore when pursuing/dating a choleric woman,

it is important to resonate with her based on rationality. The sweet nothings that most guys use to flatter a woman

and get her attention would barely work for a Choleric woman. Instead, giving her reasons why she should be with

you or why it would be worth her time, may get more of her attention.

The choleric woman is also high-tempered. It is easy to wrong her because she is always in search of

perfection. Pleasing her is hard because she would always find a fault in how something was accomplished. Trying to

mend things with her would require appealing to her reasoning and not her emotions.

A choleric woman is also an extrovert. She will often be the most task oriented, confident and assertive

individual around. Due to this she might feel superior to other people around. She might walk around with an

illusion of power and self importance. In a love relationship, a partner might feel intimidated that they do not match

up to her energy or that she might appear intimidating. Therefore addressing this issue with a partner would help the

choleric woman to learn how to be more considerate.

The Choleric woman also has the ability to respond quickly to conflicts. Due to her solution focused

nature, she find it easy to respond and neutralize conflicts. She has the courage and confidence to confront the other

person to get a solution. As much as she barely broods over a conflict, she might be vengeful. Therefore, it is crucial

that incase of a conflict, giving the choleric woman room to try and solve the problem might be advantageous to the


In conclusion, it would not be absurd that a choleric woman would take initiative in

pursuing a relationship. She tends to have a realistic approach to life and therefore

rationality appeals to her the most. She is  an extrovert who is mostly task oriented.

She would be trying to get her partner into doing projects with her. The choleric

woman might appear as a serious no-nonsense individual. However, she can be fun

and full of energy when ticked in the right way.


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