How Much Does Therapy cost in Kenya?

How Much Does Therapy cost in Kenya?
January 24, 2023 No Comments Mental health emmahjoy

Therapy in Kenya is fast picking up looking at the trends and history that the society has had to battle.

However, as much as people are getting to the reality of mental health, there is a lot that has to be done

in order to demystify mental health as a whole.


The counselors and therapists in Kenya offer an average of 3,000/Ksh per session. This is

to mean that one can find an institution/Individual counselor who charges higher prices or lower rates.

If you  are really in need of counseling and cannot afford the average prices, then I would recommend

looking  for counselors who are starting out in the field. This is because they are qualified but not

popular thus, as a way to market themselves, they tend to offer quality and affordable services and

can be as low as 1,000/Kenya Shillings. 


Where do you find these counselors? They advertise their pages on TikTock, Instagram and Facebook.

Do a google search with tittles such as Counselor, psychologist and therapist. You are bound to meet

majority of the new counselors with affordable rates. You can also reach out to us at or book an appointment here and we would be of assistance.


Additionally, it is also okay to acknowledge that there are individuals who cannot afford the counselling

services at all, yet they need help. This is where charitable organizations can come in handy. There are

free counseling services that are offered by some organizations in Kenya and one can reach out for free



Organization Services Operation Contacts
Red Cross Psychosocial Support Available 24hrs Toll free Hotline : 1199
Mbagathi Hospital Psychosocial Support Only on Tuesdays and Thursdays       –
Befrienders Kenya Offers suicide prevention support Available everyday 9am to 5pm 0722 178 177.
Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital Offers psychosocial support Available every Monday to Friday 0758722000
Niskize Offers suicide prevention support Available 24hrs 0718 227 440.
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