How the Id, Ego and Superego Operate

How the Id, Ego and Superego Operate
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The terms Id, Ego and Superego might be new to someone who has not come across these psychological terms in their

line of education or for those who like to read. The Id, Ego and Superego are parts of our personality that influences

how we behave or helps us to make decisions.

The Id is that part of our personality that we are born with. It controls our desires often seeking pleasure.

The Superego on the other hand is the part of an individual’s personality that is in touch with morality. It is acquired

through life experiences and standards that you are taught is right or wrong.

The Ego is the part of personality that is in touch with reality of life. Unlike the Id that is always seeking pleasure, the superego that has an ideal way of right and wrong, the Ego has a view of reality it therefore becomes the balance between these two principles.

In-depth Knowledge about the Id, Ego and Superego are discussed in this article.

Therefore, how does the Id, Ego, Superego operate?

As we have seen, the Id controls our impulses and desires, the superego takes control of moral standards that should be kept, whereas the Ego searches for a balance between the other two components. Therefore, it is a constant battle between these three components. However only one decision gets to be implemented at the end of the day.

The Situation Examples Where the Id, Ego and Superego Operate

For example, You have to get up and go to school early in the morning. The part of you that makes you feel like not getting up at all is the Id, the part of you that states ” You have to get up because you have always had a good record at school and lateness would be wrong” This is the superego. However, the Ego would bring forth a compromise and state” I can sacrifice and get up early today because the next day is a weekend and I can sleep in as much as I want.”

Second example imagine you are in a situation and feeling very hungry but you have no money to purchase food. The Id would tell you to steal because you have no money but need food. The superego would bluntly tell you stealing is wrong whereas, the Ego would find a compromise either tell you to wait just a little longer until you get home because you ain’t starving yet or go ask for to be given food.

The Id, Ego and Superego in Movies

There are movies and films that have been produced that have characters showing the different examples of personality. For example, If you happened to have watched the film Game of thrones, you might remember King Joffrey. He made decisions irrationally and impulsively. He only thought about what he stood to gain and not what was on the benefit for his kingdom and other people. A perfect example of the Id at play.

The Id, Ego and Superego in Lord of the flies

The story in Lord of the flies perfectly demonstrates how the Id, Ego and Superego behave in a person. The story uses characters Jack, Ralph and Piggy that indicates the the three components of the personality.

Jack’s personality demonstrates the Id. He is always looking forward to fulfilling his desires. He believes that he should be a leader because he can sing. He is constantly looking forward to hunting the pig with the desire to satisfy his needs.

Ralph represents the Ego in this story. He tries to bring order and organization ensuring that there is a flow of actions. He shows responsibilities and realistic qualities in the story. He also tries to keep Jack the Id in check through out.

Piggy in the story represents the superego. He tries to do what is best for everyone in the group. He also shows that he learned ideas through experiences when he states ” Grown ups know things, they ain’t afraid of the dark, they meet discuss and things would be alright.


We make choices depending on our personality, actions and feelings which are controlled by our personality. It could be the Id, Ego or Superego each fighting to win. However, only one part of the personality that gets to play.

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