How to Make the Most of Your First Therapy Session

How to Make the Most of Your First Therapy Session
April 21, 2023 No Comments Mental health emmahjoy

My first time in a therapy room, I was very scared. I didn’t know how it was going

to turn out like. Worse was the idea that I would probably tell someone new about

my weaknesses and struggles. Not everyone wants to be vulnerable. Vulnerability

can make you so uncomfortable if you can relate. Anyways I got in there, and the

therapist I met was quite friendly. It is not a certainty that the same would happen

to you. Let’s face it building a bond and learning to trust someone takes time. So

how can you make the most out of the first session?


1. Have an open-mind

Yes, go into therapy with an open mind. It is very common to worry about the

little things like “What is the therapist’s personality?” ” Will we have a bond?”

“what if it gets awkward? ” Having an open mind helps reduce these

questions going through your mind. It will also help you to be receptive to the

process. Will it get awkward? Maybe or maybe not. In this post, I talk about therapy and

how to overcome awkwardness. 


2. Be honest

I know it’s hard for some of us to be honest and open up. But this is the whole

point of therapy ‘opening up’.  Talk about how you are feeling at the moment and

how you have been feeling for some time. Talk about your struggles so that they

can know how to put together information that they can use to help you.  I will let

you in on a little-known secret. If you hide how you are feeling, how can you get



3. Set goals

One of the major things that happen in a first therapy is goal setting. Think about

what you hope to achieve through therapy.  What is it that got you thinking, “I

need help”?  You will write these down with the therapist’s help and set

realistic and achievable goals.


4. Ask questions

After all, it is indeed your first time in a therapy room. Be confident and ask away.

As a therapist myself, I root for an inquisitive client.  Ask about the therapy

process, and ask about the therapist’s approach. Ask about what you should

expect from therapy. Doing this lets you get more comfortable and informed,

and the worries dissolve.


5. Be Patient

Some of us get into therapy with a lot of expectations. Some hold onto the idea

that their problems might disappear after the first session. However, this is not

true. What should you expect? Expect that results will take time. Give yourself the

time to build a relationship with the therapist.  Don’t expect to form this beautiful

relationship instantly. Allow yourself to make significant progress after every



7. Be present 

You have a lot on your mind and maybe a lot going on in life. This means that you

can easily get distracted by your thoughts or worries. However, focusing on the

moment will do you a lot of good. Focus on what you are feeling and saying to the

therapist. Will you cry? Probably not, but if you do, it releases pent-up emotions

and is ultimately good for the process.



Therapy can be hard the first time because you don’t know what to expect. Maybe you are scared of

awkward moments. Maybe you are scared of getting vulnerable and crying. However, having an open

mind towards the process will be quite helpful in getting you set for the first therapy session.



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