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Temperaments and Career Choice
September 9, 2022 Mental health emmahjoy

Temperaments unknown to most people, tend to affect most areas

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Sanguine Man in Love
September 8, 2022 Mental health emmahjoy

The sanguine man sticks to the ideal characteristics of a

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Sanguine Woman in love
August 29, 2022 Mental health emmahjoy

There are four major temperaments in psychology Phlegmatic, Melancholic, Choleric,

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Choleric Woman in a Love Relationship
August 15, 2022 Self Development emmahjoy

A choleric individual is generally strong-minded and comes off as

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Phlegmatic Man in a Love Relationship
August 10, 2022 Self Development emmahjoy

Writing about Phlegmatic individuals is way more fun because I

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Phlegmatic Woman in Love
August 4, 2022 Mental health emmahjoy

Before getting submerged into the traits of a phlegmatic woman, 

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