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13 Types of Defense Mechanisms with Examples
August 16, 2021 Mental health emmahjoy

Defense Mechanisms Defense mechanisms are ways in which an individual’s

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Helping a grieving Child
August 10, 2021 Inspirational emmahjoy

Introduction Children just like any other person, grieve a major

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How do you grieve the loss of a parent?
August 8, 2021 Inspirational emmahjoy

Introduction Writing about grief is something I deeply feel since

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What is Self-Esteem?
August 7, 2021 Mental health emmahjoy

Self esteem is an important aspect of every individuals life. It influences the choices an individual makes and general life decisions. It is the enabler to achieving full life potential. According to the psychologist Abraham Maslow, he lists a number of things that enables an individual reach their full potential. The most basic of them is the physical needs whereas self actualization becomes the epitome. The list is name Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which encompasses “Esteem needs” as the fourth need in the hierarchy.

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