Melancholic and Choleric Compatibility in a Love Relationship

Melancholic and Choleric Compatibility in a Love Relationship
September 29, 2021 1 Comment Mental health emmahjoy

The Melancholic and Choleric temperaments are two temperaments that would not get attracted to each other naturally. However, when these two temperaments meet, they can make a loving relationship that leads to marriage.

The choleric is definitely in the driver’s seat of this relationship. Their leadership traits still come up, and they take the lead in engaging and relating to each other. In a marital setup, the choleric would be at the forefront in handling the children and getting things done around the house.

The strength of these couples is that they both have a high commitment to their relationship. They take the relationship like it is a task that they have to excel in. However, commitment is one of the significant traits that keep their relationship strong.

The weakness that surfaces in this relationship are the difference in their traits. The choleric is task-oriented, whereas the melancholic would take their time before deciding to engage in anything. Therefore in most cases, the choleric would feel frustrated with the Melancholic’s slow tendencies.

The melancholic in the relationship would often be troubled by the choleric’s need to get things done “now.” The choleric might also take any alternative to meet their goals, even if it involves breaking moral rules. Thus the melancholic would feel frustrated and hurt since breaking the rules is against what they stand for in terms of values.

The couples in a relationship might as well differ in the socialization aspect. This is where the melancholic cherish social relations and would keep and maintain friendships that in turn forms a community. However, on the other hand, the Choleric has a few friends and would likely make a friendship that has benefits in regards to their work.

The Melancholic also would portray tendencies of romance. The idealistic romantic gestures that the Choleric partner might shutter with their pragmatic nature. The melancholic might as well go out of their way and make parties expecting the choleric to attend. They often end up feeling disappointed when their partner shows up late or doesn’t attend at all. If not keen, the choleric might deeply hurt the melancholic unconsciously.

The two temperaments in a relationship might also have difficulties in dealing with hurt feelings. They both tend to hold onto the hurt. However, the choleric partner might speak up quickly as compared to the Melancholic. The Choleric partner might as well speak their thoughts very bluntly and further hurt the melancholic.

Therefore, for this relationship to work smoothly, the two temperaments would need to know themselves and their partner be more sensitive. The melancholic can learn to speak out their frustrations, whereas the choleric can filter their words. The choleric can also learn that not everybody is task-oriented as themselves.

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