Melancholic Temperament Blends

Melancholic Temperament Blends
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The dominant temperament in this combination is melancholic. Therefore, individuals would mostly need to do things in the right way. This article contains explanations and traits specific to the melancholic combinations. However, if you want to learn more about the primary temperaments, you can read our previous posts here.

Melancholic-Choleric Blend

The basic need that drives this combination is the need to be right originating from the melancholic traits and the need to get results influenced by the Choleric traits.

The individual having this combination tends to be very detailed and result-oriented. They like giving people information that they have gained as well as telling people what to do.

They are viewed as perfectionists who are good at what they do. Due to this ability, they are mostly found in leadership positions. However, they can be very blunt and use a lot of pressure to get things done their way.

The combination’s communication comes across as brief, blunt, and direct. Therefore, they might seem to be offensive in their manner of speaking.

They do not like social activities, and they would rather be found working instead of engaging in social life. As a result, they have impoverished relationships that suffer due to their poor communication skills.

The combination portrays an individual who is a thinker and very systematic about what they do. They follow self-imposed rules and procedures that run both their personal and work life.

In the work environment, the combination makes great managers and supervisors. Their leadership is fostered by the fact that they always strive to find the right way to get things done.

Their weakness is revealed in how difficult it is to please them. They are not flexible to change until the reasons for the changes are explained in-depth. They are mostly pessimistic and full of criticism.

Melancholic-Sanguine Blend

The combination is driven by the need to do things the right way and to be socially accepted. They are, therefore, very detail-oriented individuals who are also people-focused.

They can also be viewed as peace lovers since they restore harmony in the environment they are found in. They make outstanding diplomats in other people.

The Melancholic-Sanguine combination is a very talented person. The individual can thrive as an artist and at the same time in an educational field, teaching, or as a scholar.

They come across as the most friendly of all the Melancholic blends. However, they still prefer to have some alone time where they review and plan for later days.

They are very productive and get along with individuals around them. They tend to be analytical., systematic, and sensitive to other people around them.

They like to do things in the right way as they think their standards should do them. Therefore, they have a well-balanced social and work life. They warm up to people slowly and get to be very friendly with them.

Like the other Melancholic blends, they like to analyze information before deciding on what to do. They are very cautious and sensitive to criticism.

They have difficulty going to sleep since they tend to be over-concerned and end up thinking a lot. They struggle with feelings of guilt even on things that are not their fault.

They have a mixture of moods and emotions. They can be lovely happy when they are pleased with the situations around them or feel rejected and hurt when things do not go according to plan.

They are compassionate individuals and can be moved to tears quickly. They are fearful and have insecurities about their self-image. However, they can also be critical and harsh on other people.

Melancholic -Phlegmatic Blend

Their need is to be right and accommodative of other people around them. Therefore they are people who are very detailed, analytical, and accommodating.

The combination does not like to be in social environments. They would prefer to be alone. However, they can socialize with a few friends and close family members.

They are very organized and work with a plan at hand. They like to work privately on their own since they need time to think and follow their precise routine.

They are considered as perfectionists and can make great scholars. They are very analytical and tend to find reasons behind everything they engage in doing.

They are slow decision-makers due to their need to analyze information before making a step critically. However, this trait makes them great at anticipating problems and finding alternative ways of solving them.

They also have a problem with accepting change. They would resist change until the reasoning makes sense to them. This is because they feel safe when they can review and plan things.

The combination is self-sacrificing and critical of themselves. They, therefore, can be good at humanitarian activities that need a lot of selflessness in the job work.

In the work environment, they can also be great writers. They are cautious thinkers and analytical of plans at hand. They dislike conflict and thus would keep away from aggressive people. delightful

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