Phlegmatic and Choleric Compatibility in a Relationship

Phlegmatic and Choleric Compatibility in a Relationship
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Phlegmatic and Choleric Relationships

The phlegmatic and the Choleric are two different individuals regarding their character traits. They are always attracted to each other due to their differences. When they get to learn these differences, they find a balance that makes them an admirable couple.

These couples tend to balance their weaknesses and make a great relationship. On the other hand, we find that choleric’s are impulsive and short-tempered. They make hasty decisions overlooking all the other secondary issues surrounding the problem being tackled. Whereas the Phlegmatic would take a long time going over all the alternative options before finding a solution to a problem.

The phlegmatic’s indecisiveness also plays a major role in their slow decision-making. The phlegmatics see problems from different angles, thus making it difficult for them to make a decision. The phlegmatic and Choleric together make a good couple that can find a balance in their problem-solving.

They also differ in how they relate to other people socially. For example, the phlegmatics are easy to talk to, friendly, and very compassionate. In contrast, the choleric’s are blunt with their words, rarely show their emotions, and are less compassionate than the phlegmatic.

Their main strength lies in how much each of them admires the other partner’s character traits. Thus, for example, the phlegmatic would admire the efficiency of the choleric, whereas the Choleric would admire the friendliness that the phlegmatic portrays. Therefore, due to this admiration, they learn to listen more and make a good compliment to each other.

The weakness in this relationship will surface when the phlegmatic would start to feel less loved because of the choleric’s inability to express love and emotions. In their nature, Phlegmatics would try to interpret the independence portrayed by their partner, which eventually would lead to wrongful judgment.

The phlegmatic individual does not like confrontations whatsoever therefore when they decide to talk about their feelings it is important for their partner to take advantage of the situation and talk about issues that would be of benefit to their relationship as well.

Additionally, I tend to believe that there is no relationship that cannot work or where the individual traits are not compatible. Every relationship needs effort and understanding of the other partner for a good shot at a good relationship.

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