Phlegmatic and Melancholic Relationship compatibility

Phlegmatic and Melancholic Relationship compatibility
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Phlegmatic and Melancholic Relationships

The positive aspect of knowing your temperament and that of your partner is that it would help both of you to understand why the other person reacts the way in which they do. Here is a sample test to help you know your temperament type.

The different temperaments are explained in depth here. Knowing your temperament helps the relationship to grow, identifying the areas upon which you can find balance and how to reinforce your strengths as a couple.

The Phlegmatic and Melancholic combination easily works together in a relationship. Naturally, the two temperaments would learn to balance each other’s weaknesses. The phlegmatic has a tendency of procrastinating things and thinking problems out without ever reaching a solution. Whereas, the melancholic would deeply analyze the problem and get to the solution faster than the phlegmatic will ever do.

The Melancholics view things from the negative angle which is different from how the phlegmatic views things. The balance would be that the phlegmatic would rub their optimistic nature on the melancholic and bring new perspectives to the table.

The Melancholic is emotionally unexpressive in a relationship but they would often admire the emotional connection that the phlegmatic strives to achieve. How they try to talk about the little things in their lives. They might buy gifts for their partners just because they can.

The strength of the two temperaments lies in the fact that they are both caring and nurturing. They both like order and plans and general organization. They both like to help other people around them. Therefore, reinforcing their strong sides in the relationship could help them build a long and lasting relationship.

They would have conflicts on how they view romance. The Phlegmatic is passionate and emotionally involved whereas the melancholic would find the phlegmatic’s passion as overbearing. As a result, the phlegmatic would come to realize that the romantic fantasy they had about their partner does not exist.

Another weakness of this combination in a relationship is that they reason differently. Hence they would easily engage in conflicts. The melancholic belief is in the traditional way of doing things whereas the phlegmatic questions everything. Secondly, the ideal thinking of the melancholic is based on facts only whereas the phlegmatic is mostly speculative.

The relationship needs understanding from both of the partners for it to work. The melancholic would need to understand the phlegmatic’s need for connection and the melancholic would have to understand the melancholic’s unexpressive nature.

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