Phlegmatic and Sanguine Relationship Compatibility

Phlegmatic and Sanguine Relationship Compatibility
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Phlegmatic and Sanguine Relationships

The relationship between a phlegmatic and a sanguine fills one with quite an imagination of how great it can be. Thus, the two temperaments often tend to attract each other. First, however, they have to work on their weaknesses and understand each other to unveil the greatness they could enjoy together.

The two personality types differ in the way that one is more outgoing than the other. They are even considered as opposites that get attracted to each other. The sanguine is more spontaneous and full of passion as compared to the Phlegmatic individual. At the onset of a relationship, the phlegmatic might not fully trust the sanguine because they are often unreliable.

The phlegmatic’s indecisive tendencies will often put off the sanguine. Whereas the Phlegmatic would struggle to understand the impulsive nature of the Sanguine. Often it could be frustrating for the phlegmatic to adapt to the spontaneous spirit of the sanguine. Finally, however, the Phlegmatics accommodating personality would learn to get along.

Additionally, when they understand each other, they make a perfect couple full of surprises. Their strength lies in the fact that they are both optimistic and flexible. The sanguine will also be attracted to the emotional availability of the phlegmatic and their need to care for them.

The couple thrives because they can come up with great ideas on a project that would work well. This can be attributed to the fact that the Sanguine is creative, whereas the Phlegmatic is great at the imagination and seeing the bigger picture of things.

The other strength of these couples lies in their ability to communicate verbally. In their spontaneous nature, the Sanguine would speak how they feel randomly, whereas the Phlegmatic would be direct and articulate their words clearly and directly.

The couple also gets along very well because both of them are very flexible, open-minded, and optimistic. When both of these individuals realize these strengths and reinforce them, It could result in a great relationship with a great understanding.

The weakness in this couple will surface when the sanguine requires their independence, whereas the phlegmatic needs a close connection to their partner. Therefore the phlegmatic might end up feeling lonely, and the sanguine would feel suffocated.

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