Phlegmatic Man in a Love Relationship

Phlegmatic Man in a Love Relationship
August 10, 2022 No Comments Self Development emmahjoy

Writing about Phlegmatic individuals is way more fun because I can relate to them. There are different blends of this

temperament as discussed in this article. However, they all tend to have some similar traits based on the primary

temperament characteristics.

According to my research, the phlegmatic man tends to be very calm just like the phlegmatic female in a love

relationship. They tend to woo a female into a love relationship by accommodating their personality.

They are the men who would be very romantic in buying you flowers and chocolates, creating great picnics, and love


The Phlegmatic man in a relationship can make a good partner because they are sensitive and in touch with their

emotions. They are able to reach their partner’s desires by being present emotionally.

Just like their female versions, they tend to dislike conflicts and would take any measures to try and avoid them.

They are peace lovers and would fix things when they see a need.

The Phlegmatic man also faces the challenges of indecision and leadership problems. They are often good followers

who are great at going through with instructions. However, this trait might be an area of conflict with their partners

since they take a longer time ruminating and still not making decisions.

It is also key to know that the Phlegmatic man might not meet the idea of an “ideal man” who tend to be adventurous

and creative. They are generally passive and might come off as boring and not the fun type. They spread this passive

attitude to everything they do.  Therefore when dating him, it is important to not wait for him to initiate activities ,

fun plans or even sex.

The Phlegmatic man in a love relationship also tends to bring their love for routine. When

they get accustomed to a

given way of doing things, they would stick by it and hardly attempt to change anything

. This might also be another

source of conflict for a couple in a relationship.

As a partner, the phlegmatic is dutiful and loyal. Therefore, the man would take up the responsibilities shouldered on


him and would barely miss attending to them as desired. They also tend to score very high in being organized as

compared to other temperaments.

Inconclusion, the love  relationship involving a phlegmatic man would mean that, you will get a partner who is loyal,

responsible, calm, peaceful, sensitive and very romantic. However, he would also be passive, tend to be shy, a lover of

routine, someone who pushes conflicts under the rug and  indecisive. I have also described a phlegmatic woman in 

my previous post. It also important to not that a phlegmatic man and woman can be in a relationship ,however they

would need a lot of work to sustain the relationship if this is their primary temperament.

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