Phlegmatic Temperament Blends

Phlegmatic Temperament Blends
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The Phlegmatic blends are majorly characterized by the dominant need to be accommodating of other people. They, therefore, get along with other people and barely engage in conflicts. To know more about the Phlegmatic traits and other primary temperaments, click this link.

Phlegmatic-Choleric Blend

The combination is deemed as the most active among the other phlegmatic blends. Their basic needs are achieving results originating from the choleric traits and being accommodative as driven by the phlegmatic personality.

They are determined individuals who are focused on their routines to accomplish their given tasks. They seek challenging tasks, build a routine, and follow them through. They, however, dislike too much engagement with other people.

They are very hardworking and independent people. They prefer working on their own and setting their own pace. Due to their independence, they are often viewed as loners.

The phlegmatic traits in them make them very calm and persevering. They are genuinely concerned about other people and would give advice and help when approached.

The combination is slow to warm up to people but once they do, they make good lasting friendships and they become very loyal.

In a career environment, they are very hardworking and organized due to the choleric traits in them. Unlike sanguines, they often do things as required and do not go out of their boundaries.

Their weakness lies in the phlegmatic trait of being stubborn and inflexible to change. They do not engage in fights or confrontations but they would passively show their anger.

Phlegmatic – Sanguine Blend

The combination has a similar trait as compared to the Sanguine-Phlegmatic trait. The main difference is that the dominant need in the Phlegmatic-Sanguine trait is the need to be accommodating and their secondary need is to be socially accepted.

The characteristics of the phlegmatic-sanguine are often those of a caring, friendly, loyal, cooperative, and trustworthy person. Their weakness is that they do not achieve their true potential. This is based on the lack of motivation from the phlegmatic trait and lack of discipline from the sanguine trait.

The combination likes to interact with other people therefore, you will find them at family gatherings, hangouts with friends, and workmates. They are warm and can be very talkative.

They are considered friendly individuals, accommodating, and easy to be around. They are loyal and people that you can rely on in different situations. They find it difficult to confront or give other people pressure.

Like the other phlegmatic blends, the personality prefers a routine-oriented task. However, they would require a break to do something different.

Their focus on service makes them industrious and can even work when sick. They do not know how to say “no” to someone therefore, they end up overworking themselves just to please other people.

Phlegmatic- Melancholic Blend

The dominant trait in this combination is the need to be accommodating followed by the need to be right.

The combination has the need to be alone most of the time and share an intimate relationship with the family. However, they rarely show emotion or affection towards other people.

Their outstanding characteristics are that they are cordial, nice, consistent, and loyal. They are routine lovers, have patience, and make deliberate steps. They are not spontaneous, they take time to make a decision.

They take time to question things before engaging in them. They work independently and give a thorough detailed approach to what they do. They are always available to help their close friends.

They are organized and independent. They are very determined and barely give up after they start off a project. However, they like their own space and work best when alone.

They do not like confrontations just like other phlegmatic blends however, when they get angry, they can be very sarcastic and offensive.

The individuals with this trait are often accurate, tend to be very simple even in their dressing. They tend to do the right thing, are gentle and collected. They easily fall asleep when sitting and go to sleep early.

Their weakness lies in their inability to take initiative. Their motivation comes from external sources and they work best under pressure. They also tend to avoid being too involved with other people.

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