Phlegmatic Temperament in a Love Relationship

Phlegmatic Temperament in a Love Relationship
October 20, 2021 1 Comment Mental health emmahjoy

The phlegmatic is a very calm individual who gets along with almost anybody due to their accommodating nature. They like to seek peace and harmony; thus, you rarely get them in a violent situation. The phlegmatic temperament is also sensitive to other peoples needs, and thus they can keep friends for a long time. A detailed discussion of this temperament is in our previous article here.

How do phlegmatic temperament love?

The phlegmatic temperament in a love relationship tends to be rooted deeply in emotions. They are the kind of people who get hurt so much due to rejection. They take time to invest in their relationships and view very seriously. They do not date for the sake of fun and experiences; they look forward to a future with their marriage partner.

Their main strength in a relationship is naturing and caring. They try to create bonds with their partners and give themselves completely to have the relationship working.

The phlegmatic Individual would adjust their normal life so that they can accommodate their partner. They would go out of their way and sacrifice a lot of things they cherish.

They are the most romantic of all the four temperaments that exist. They would buy gifts, write “post-it” notes, buy flowers and make all gestures to show their love to their partners.

The negative side of the phlegmatic temperament romance is that they also expect their partners to do the same for them. They live in a world of fantasy, and they would have an ideal relationship in their minds.

Who is the phlegmatic attracted to?

The phlegmatic person is generally accommodating, and thus, they are likely to try and make the relationship work with absolutely any other temperament. However, their secondary temperament can help an individual determine their preferences. For instance;

Phlegmatic- Sanguine prefer individuals who love adventure, fun activities and are spontenious.

Phlegmatic -Melancholic would get attracted to people who are leaders like themselves and very thoughtful.

Phlegmatic -Choleric are very industrious and have very judgemental traits.

I have discussed in my previous post the Phlegmatic temperament blends. You can learn more about the blends at this link.

How to Love a Phlegmatic Individual

The Phlegmatics take the relationship very seriously, and thus, they tend to invest a lot. Therefore, it is a great idea to talk things with them at the onset of a relationship to define and have clear goals.

They are romantic and would show it in the relationship. The phlegmatic Individual would not tell you that they need the romance reciprocated. If you get the hang of it, this will take the relationship to a higher level.

The phlegmatic person is often resistant to change. Showing them how a certain change would benefit the relationship works for them best since they like to be accommodative.

Unknown to most people, the phlegmatic temeperament also do get angry. As much as they won’t show their emotions, they do have feelings and need someone to be there for them.

The Phlegmatic Individual is often a giver. They put other people’s needs before their own, and thus as a partner, remembering to do something special just for them would deeply touch their hearts.

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