Phlegmatic Woman in Love

Phlegmatic Woman in Love
August 4, 2022 No Comments Mental health emmahjoy

Before getting submerged into the traits of a phlegmatic woman,  it is important to understand the given

temperament. A phlegmatic individual tends to have a lot of traits that describe their personality. These traits are

described in this article. However, an individual can also have multiple temperaments that influence their behavior.

Such an occurrence is known as temperament blend. Learn more about the temperament blends in this article. 

A phlegmatic woman in love is generally calm and accommodating. Due to this key attribute, she gets to have both

strengths and weaknesses.

In a love relationship, her strength is to be the comfort and peace of her partner.

She is very sensitive and would easily know when things are not right

and try to fix them. Her sensitivity allows her to be a shoulder to cry on.

She is what you would refer to as a good listener.


A phlegmatic woman in a love relationship tends to be very romantic.

She will be the partner leaving “post-it” notes and giving very thoughtful gifts.

She is loyal and dedicated to her partner. She does not prefer casual dating, rather, she desires long-term

relationships that would probably lead to marriage.

She does not like conflicts thus she would do whatever it takes to keep peace in her relationships.

She tends to be a good follower, thus giving the partner in her life a chance to lead. She will go with the flow barely

resisting to avoid conflict and accommodate her partner’s interests.

In a marriage setup, she is the partner who would be committed to the relationship even if it gets sour. She would try

to fix things as much as she can. However, when she makes her mind to leave, its definitely over.


However, these strengths that the phlegmatic woman displays in a love relationship might as well be her weaknesses.

Her sensitivity makes it hard to accept and deal with rejection. Therefore, incase


you want to break up with a phlegmatic woman, find the most suitable way to

deliver the message knowing she won’t take it easily.

Her loyalty and commitment to a relationship may not be reciprocated by her

partner thus, she might constantly have the feeling that no one cares for her as


The phlegmatic woman dislikes conflicts and as much as this might sound

positive, ultimately it may not be so. She can get angry too and instead of addressing the issues, she would push them

under the rug for as long as she can.

Due to her perseverance nature, she might live with pain, in a toxic relationship because of the fear of conflict. She

may also assume guilt for all the problems in the relationship.

A phlegmatic woman in a relationship also tends to be very self righteous and not attentive to her own flows. As a

result, she is very critical of other people and can be blunt in her talk.

She tends to hide how she feels , therefore, she is able to live a very deceptive life.


Therefore, when handling a phlegmatic woman in a relationship, it is important to learn that her strengths are also

her weaknesses. She will generally be passive to everything in her life. She also needs a constant reassurance of her

worth and  place in her partners life.

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