Sanguine and Choleric Compatibility in a relationship

Sanguine and Choleric Compatibility in a relationship
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Sanguine and Choleric Relationships

The first question that comes to mind is whether the sanguine and choleric relationship can work. Yes, the two temperaments can work, and they can be compatible in a love relationship.

The two temperaments are complete opposites that barely find the other as attractive. It is the union that is rarely found. They would be attracted to each other due to their differences. Thus they can make a powerful bond once they come together.

The sanguine will be impressed by the intelligence of the choleric, their ability to deliver and get things done at the required time; this is because the sanguine is prone to procrastination. On the other hand, the Choleric would be attracted to the Sanguine’s level of curiosity and spontaneous spirit. As much as the Choleric’s are impulsive, they are not random as the Sanguines.

The difference in how they interact with people can also be an advantage for both temperaments together. The Choleric is cold and does not have a friendly and welcoming nature. However, this is compensated for in the relationship since the sanguine is very adaptable. They are extremely friendly and welcoming, they are the life of the party and make new friends easily.

The couple finds their strength in the fact that they both need independence. The sanguine and choleric have their hands full of activities and projects away from their love relationship. However, once they harmonize this fact, they can have a relationship that works great for them.

Secondly, the strength of the couple is when they find balance in being together. This is where the sanguine is optimistic; they see only the positive options and overlook anything negative that could prevent them from taking a risk. Therefore, the Choleric would come in handy as the skeptical individual and help bring out the angles that the sanguine does not want to acknowledge.

Their weakness as a couple would be reflected when the sanguine finds the choleric to be too dull and cold. They desire the fun, energetic, and adventurous life that the choleric can rarely provide. The choleric also finds the sanguine as too impulsive for their liking. They also get frustrated with the lateness and procrastinating nature of the sanguine therefore deeming them as lazy.

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