Sanguine and Melancholic Compatibility in a Relationship

Sanguine and Melancholic Compatibility in a Relationship
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Sanguine and Melancholic Relationships

The compatibility between the Sanguine and the Melancholic is questioned a lot. Not many people believe that the two temperaments are compatible. However, compatibility is subject to how much work the two individuals are willing to put in to make the relationship work. Therefore, yes, sanguine’s and melancholic’s can be compatible.

The Sanguines and melancholic’s are also referred to as opposites. However, they can use their differences to have a great relationship with one another. The couple can learn what makes them different and use them to their advantage.

The sanguine would be attracted to the loyalty and traditional spirit of the melancholic. Therefore, they would see the need to settle down and have a family become realistic. They would find their need for fun fulfilled as they play around with the Melancholic, who appears socially rigid.

The melancholic would admire the adventurous nature of the sanguine. However, a Sanguine who is not ready to settle down would quickly get tired of the Melancholic’s calm nature and the need for a routine and tradition.

As a couple, they would face difficulties in handling their different traits. One of the problems that would arise in this relationship is when the melancholic tries to quench the free nature of the sanguine and restrict them to a routine. On the other hand, the sanguine’s curiosity and creativity would also annoy the melancholics who prefer the traditional way of handling things.

The Melancholic’s nature of having activities and projects planned might also differ from the sanguine’s need for spontaneous adventure. Therefore, a conflict might always arise between the couple. The sanguine would always be on the lookout for the next fun thing to jump into at whatever time.

The two temperaments also have different ways in which they deal with conflicts. When hurt, the sanguine would be vocal about it, whereas the melancholic would not be as expressive and opt to brood about it for a very long term. Understanding the other individual’s nature would play a significant role in approaching his kind of situation.

The sanguine thrives in having a great conversation; the melancholic is somewhat introverted and prefers keeping to themselves and their thoughts. Therefore, the sanguine would need to compromise and let the melancholic thrive in their creative silence.

The sanguine’s love for fun and sense of humor keeps the relationship alive. They tend to cheer up the introverted melancholic and bring joy to the relationship. However, the Sanguine might end up feeling they are the ones working to make the relationship alive.

The Melancholic compensates for their inability to bring the fun by being the thoughtful partner. They are the ones who pay attention to detail. The Melancholics would take charge when serious problems arise. They would also be the organized partner covering up the sanguine’s disorganization.

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