Sanguine Man in Love

Sanguine Man in Love
September 8, 2022 No Comments Mental health emmahjoy

The sanguine man sticks to the ideal characteristics of a sanguine. He is extroverted,

playful, energetic, the center of attention, and never lacks a companion. However, a

Sanguine personality might slightly differ from person to person depending on their

secondary temperament blend.


The sanguine man in a love relationship would seek a partner who would go adventuring

with themThey would look at compatibility in terms of how it matches their very own

energy. A relationship in their opinion is a form of entertainment and thus, they would seek

to have a partner who would adventure with them.


The sanguine man never lacks a companion even when they are in a love relationship.

They are rarely found alone because of their social nature. They would speak to anyone and

make friends when possible. My best friend is sanguine and he is never in lack of friends. His

house tends to be a stopover for anyone he has interacted with. In an intimate relationship, it

is important to understand this aspect so that you would not have to worry when your

sanguine man shows affection to other people around him. 


The sanguine man is a people pleaser. They would try to make people around them smile,

laugh and be happy. They have the best banter and conversations that tend to draw you in.

Therefore, most often they would be the center of attention in a party, event or with a group

of friends. In a love relationship, give the sanguine space to authentically be themselves

without feeling they are being too much.


The sanguine man is also impulsive. They are the people who would often be termed as the

careless spender. They spend money on the basis of ” I want it”.  They would buy clothes,

give out money, buy eat outs, without having to concretely think about it. They are often in

debt due to this trait. They find it difficult to balance between their needs and wants. In a

love relationship, a partner might find this trait very annoying because one minute they

would have money and the next they would be borrowing. They are the people who would

have unplanned trips and dates but still manage to pull it off regardless of the expense. 


The sanguine man is optimistic and a big dreamer. In a love relationship he would promise

the world without a hint of how they would deliver it. They live on the idea that anything is

possible. This trait can be very positive for them because it keeps them motivated to continue

pursuing that which they desire. Given a supportive partner who keeps them accountable,

they can accomplish great goals in life. 


In Conclusion, the sanguine man is full of energy, optimism, and adventure. Being in a

relationship with a partner like this would require someone who is patient and

understanding. The sanguine might be superficial and everyone’s best friend, but they also

need someone who would genuinely care and understand them.  



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