Sanguine Temperament Blends

Sanguine Temperament Blends
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The blend is primarily made of individuals who need social involvement. Of course, they have other combinations of needs, but people-oriented engagements are always included. In addition, they often portray some of the sanguine temperament traits as part of their personality. Here is a link to learn more about the sanguine temperament.

Sanguine-Choleric Blend

The Sanguine-Choleric blend is considered the strongest extrovert temperament. The two temperaments are people-oriented and would most likely be in environments surrounded by other people.

The basic need for this combination is to be socially accepted. It is driven by the sanguine temperament trait in the individual, whereas the second need to have results originates from the Choleric trait in the individual.

The combination brings out a friendly, lively person and has a natural outgoing interest in other people. As a result, they easily gain trust and respect from the people they interact with, and their ability to achieve results often puts them in leadership positions.

The sanguine trait in the person provides warmth, charm, charisma, and enthusiasm, whereas the choleric trait would ensure that they stay focused, organized, and able to achieve results.

The combination in a career environment is very people-oriented, persuasive, and great negotiators. They are likely to be found in jobs that give warmth, variety, and a lot of activity. They are mostly found in positions such as salesperson, lawyers, and debaters.

The greatest weakness of the Sanguine-Choleric blend is that they are extra talkative and can talk too much, giving out information that needs to be confidential.

The two temperaments can clash when you combine the sanguine’s forgetfulness and the choleric’s trait that needs to be right.

Sanguine -Melancholic Blend

The combination is driven by the need to be accepted socially and do things in the right way.

The combination in a person brings out an individual who is very attentive to details, creative, and sensitive.

The Sanguine-Melancholic are emotional individuals. They tend to feel other people’s pain and thus can easily cry when sad news is delivered to them.

The combination is open to a lot of career opportunities. They are natural performers and can meet other people’s needs at the moment. Therefore they are likely to be found doing music, decorations, acting, and public speaking.

The melancholic traits push them to have alone times, where they can think, review and plan. At this point, the sanguine creativity comes to play, and they come up with amazing creative ideas.

The person has a trait of being conscious about what they do and thus often seeks recognition for their excellent ideas and creativity. They have also been viewed as dreamers, a strong trait of the sanguine temperament.

The weakness in this combination is that they might not follow through with a plan based on the sanguine need for excuses and the melancholics fear of failure. They are therefore easily discouraged and can self-sabotage as many times as possible.

Sanguine- Phlegmatic Blend

The combination is more relationship-oriented as compared to other sanguine blends. They know how to maintain relationships and have very long-term friendships as a result.

They are driven by the need to be accepted socially and to be accommodative of other people. Therefore it is easy to be around them.

They are natural family lovers and keep people close to them. Additionally, they are unlikely to hurt anybody on purpose. They smile easily and often.

The combination is considered as the least outgoing of any optimistic trait. They both need to be with people and have alone time by themselves. They spend their alone time sleeping or resting.

Due to the phlegmatic traits, they can be very independent and stubborn. They develop a routine, and it is hard to get them to change and do something different.

They are friendly and calm. They dislike confrontations and therefore tend to avoid conflicts. They are warm and very understanding; people often open up to them and share their problems because they are deemed, good listeners.

In career environments, they are likely to be in helping positions. Although they have problems in being organized; however, they can make great administrators.

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