Sanguine Temperament in a Love Relationship.

Sanguine Temperament in a Love Relationship.
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An individual with a Sanguine temperament is one who loves to have fun, are very talkative, they are constantly surrounded by friends, they are very spontaneous and have a love for adventure. There is never a dull moment when you have a Sanguine as a partner. They are considered to be very active however, they never get tasks completed due to the many ideas running through their heads. To read more about the Sanguine temperament, do read our previous article here.

Who is a Sanguine Attracted to?

The nature of the sanguine is one of a free spirit. They are outgoing and very social individuals. Therefore, they are easily attracted to people with the same qualities. When they get into a relationship with a fellow sanguine, they can be extremely happy and end up in a marriage. However, the rule of opposite poles attract can also apply. They tend to be attracted to people with Melancholic temperaments who have opposite temperament traits.

What to Expect When Dating a Sanguine

When dating a sanguine, be prepared to be engaged in lots of fun activities. The Sanguine never loses a moment to have fun. They will trade every opportunity to engage in something more interesting.

The negative side of the fun loving nature is that, the Sanguine tends to live in the present and not the past or future. Therefore, this gets them in trouble financially since they do not know how to plan for their finances.

The Sanguine is a people’s person, therefore know that there will always be friends, acquaintances and relatives that surround you almost all the time. It is also important to learn that your sanguine partner might have many close friends but that does not mean they are not loyal to you.

They are very expressive when it comes to emotions. They will be very bubbly and energetic when they are happy. However, when they are sad or angry, they will also showcase their lack of enthusiasm.

How to Love a Sanguine

The Sanguine also need reassurance from those that they love. They appreciate gestures such as gifts and an individual creating time for them. They are likely to stay when you make them feel appreciated and loved.

The Sanguine also generally loves attention. This explains why they are always at the life of the party. In a relationship, they will also crave attention from their partners. Therefore it is crucial for them to feel that they have your attention.

From the traits of the Sanguine, they are considered as a free spirit. Therefore do not force them into doing routine activities since they will get bored and pull away.

They tend to be good at telling tales. They add an exaggerated emphasis to their stories just to draw more attention. Learn how to handle their exaggerated tales and how to listen to their many stories.

How Does a Sanguine Love?

In a relationship, one thing that a partner would appreciate about the Sanguine is their ability to communicate. The Sanguine have a way of communicating things in a way that most people cannot. They do not worry about how someone would think negatively of them, therefore, they speak openly.

An individual with a Sanguine temperament easily forgives. This traits come as a positive side of their not living in the past. They will easily forgive their partners if they have been wronged.

The Sanguine will always find an opportunity to showcase their love for their partner. They would be verbal about the relationship, shower their partner with gifts or organize for random adventure seeking trips.

The sanguine’s optimism would also be a positive side of them in a relationship. They would always find a way of finding a positive angle to a bad situation. They will always make their partners worry less through this attitude.

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