Sanguine Woman in love

Sanguine Woman in love
August 29, 2022 No Comments Mental health emmahjoy

There are four major temperaments in psychology Phlegmatic, Melancholic, Choleric, and

Sanguine. The rest of the temperaments are a blend of these four temperaments. Each of

these temperaments has key factors that uniquely identify them. The unique feature of the

sanguine temperament is that they are considered to be the most extroverted of the four

temperaments. In this article, I discuss the Sanguine temperament focusing on the woman in

a love relationship. 


A sanguine woman is outgoing and very social. She is the person who will always find the

best hangout spots, the social event happening during the week, and they would always

have people over at their houses. She is also a woman with lots of friends and you will

probably not find her alone. As a partner, you would not worry about hosting an event

because she would gladly welcome and entertain them. 


The sanguine woman as a partner is very supportive. She is the individual who will always

see the light at the end of the tunnel. They have a way of turning a negative thing to look

very positive. Dubbed with her caring nature as a woman, they make the best person to turn

to when things are going south. 


A sanguine woman is also great at communication. They know how to express themselves

and you will never have to worry about not knowing what is going on in their lives. This is

because they would often blurt it out when they feel the need to express themselves. This is

to say, they barely have secrets and they are an open book. They might be good at telling

other people their problems and  issues in life, however, they lack at listening to other people



The sanguine woman is also an attention seeker. Apart from being the center of the party,

they crave to be noticed by their partners. These are the women who, one might find  at the

extreme end to be suffocating because they want to always be present. As a partner to this

woman, you might want to always engage her in your daily activities. Let her know that you

are thinking of her even when apart. 


The sanguine woman is also very talkative. It is important to know this perspective of the

because they would talk to anyone and try to make friends as much as possible. A partner

who is very territorial might think that this kind of woman is flirtatious which might not be

the case. 


They are also very impulsive. They are the kind of woman who make impromptu shopping

decisions, have their shopping carts full, have things around the house they can’t explain

why they bought them. As a partner, knowing that this behavior is a weakness, it would 

help one know how to handle them and any given situation. 


In conclusion, the sanguine woman is impulsive, pleasure seeking, extroverted, friendly and

supportive. They are great communicators but poor listeners. They love attention from their

environments as well as from their love partners. They also tend to be emotional and thus

need a constant reassurance that their partner cares for them. 



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