Superiority Complex

Superiority Complex
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Just like the inferiority Complex, Superiority complex emerges from the works of Alfred Adler. It is not uncommon to find individuals who tend to feel that they are somehow superior to others. Adlerian theories specifically the individual psychology tries to analyze the concept and answer the random questions that tend to pop in our minds

Superiority complex is defined by Alfred Adler where he states that it is the belief that one is more superior than other people around them. They therefore tend to be dismissive, condescending and mean towards other people.

The complex states that as an individual tries to deal with the feelings of inferiority, they are likely to form a superiority complex. For examples, bullies tend to be battling inferiority complex and as a result develop a superiority complex.

However, later psychologists analyzing the concept of superiority argues that, not all of the superiority complexes result from the space of feeling inadequate. Rather, there are individuals who genuinely believe that they are superior to other people despite the lack of evidence.

Superiority Complex just like the inferiority complex is founded on the basics of comparison. This is where one compares their individual achievements to other people. However, in the complex, there is an addition of illusion and exaggeration where; the achievements might get exaggerated or non-existent.

Signs of Superiority Complex

Individual tends to be Mean towards other people

  • The individual has traits of a dictator
  • The person is mean and dismissive
  • The person tends to have condescending remarks
  • The person talks highly of themselves with no proof to back their claims
  • The person seeks attention in every aspect
  • Person tends to hold a very high opinion of themselves

Causes of Superiority Complex cab be attributed to general life experiences as a child and as an adult. An individual according to Alfred Adler is always striving to be the best version of themselves. Therefore, superiority complex forms as a defense mechanism against the feelings of inferiority.

The effects of Superiority Complex is that, it tends to Lower Self -esteem if the initial feelings were from a point of inferiority.

Treatment of Superiority Complex

An individual can learn how to control the feelings by taking simple measures on their own such as;

  • Listing down the achievements they have without exaggerating.
  • Creating an environment that influences one towards positive thoughts.
  • Accepting to applaud other peoples achievements

Seeking therapy as a treatment method is also a commendable step. The therapist helps one explore their feelings, ways of thinking and the past influences that affect the present. As a result an individual identifies the cognitive distortions operating in their lives hence one starts to work towards improving.

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