The Id, Ego and Super-Ego

The Id, Ego and Super-Ego
December 21, 2021 3 Comments Mental health emmahjoy

Sigmund Freud describes human personality in three structures. He states that the complexity in human behavior is due to the existence of more than one component operating in an individual. Therefore, the three components that exist to make a human personality include the Id, Ego and Super-Ego.

The Id

It is the primary component of human personality. Thus it is primitive, irrational, illogical and fantasy oriented. Therefore making it selfish and wishful.

It is the component of personality that is present at birth. It remains infantile through a persons life because it is not in touch with reality. Therefore it does not change as an individual goes through life experiences.

It is unconscious and operates under the influence of instincts.

According to Freud, the Id contains the sexual and aggressive drives (Libido). Therefore it operates under the principle of pressure. For example, if something feels good, then do it.

Due to the pleasure seeking principle, the Id is considered to be impulsive and responds immediately to basic needs and desires.

The behavior traits obtained from the Id are those that one gets due to inheritance, they are present as from birth.

The Ego

It develops from the Id. It tries to modify the impulses of the Id and expresses them in a manner that is acceptable to the real world.

It exists in the pre-conscious, conscious and unconscious parts of the mind.

It is referred to as the mediator because it is the only part that is in touch with reality.

It is the part of personality that makes decisions, it works with reason and logic.

The ego works around the demands of the Id to provide solutions that are realistic. It often compromises and provides alternative responses.

The ego gives considerations to the reality of the world by getting in touch with norms o a society, etiquette values and rules.

The ego has no concept of what is right and wrong. The success of actions is determined with the results of contentment.

Super Ego

It is the last component of the personality to develop.

It is the part of human personality that is in charge with morality.

It internalizes moral standards acquired through life experiences. It sets the guideline upon which morals are measured and judged.

It operates in two parts the conscience and the ego ideal. The conscience constitutes of the information viewed as bad by society and care givers. whereas the ego ideal are standards of behavior that the ego aspires to attain.

The ego ideal is what makes up the ideal self. It is a perfectly painted picture of how one ought to be. It also defines a persons aspirations and standards of achievement.

It tries to make behavior as perfect as it can suppressing all unacceptable desires.

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