What are Mixed Temperaments? (Temperament Blends)

What are Mixed Temperaments? (Temperament Blends)
September 9, 2021 1 Comment Mental health emmahjoy

In my previous article, I talked about knowing your personality type (temperament). There are four primary groups of these temperaments which include Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic, and Melancholic.

However, in most cases, we find that an individual has a mixed personality type. Therefore bringing in the discussion about secondary personality types. An individual with a mixed personality type refers to that person, who when they do the personality test, scores in more areas than one.

Therefore, I researched and put together information about some of the personality combinations that are likely to exist in an individual. The Blends can appear as a blend of only two primary temperaments however, there are rare cases where an individual has more than two combinations.

Choleric Blends

They are basically the combinations that have Choleric traits as dominating. However, one of the two could be more active in one situation as compared to the other. More about this combination is explained here.

Examples of the blends include:

  • Choleric-Sanguine
  • Choleric-Melancholic
  • Choleric- Phlegmatic

Phlegmatic Blends

The major temperament is Phlegmatic and then it is accompanied by other personality types. The basic need of this blend is to be able to accommodate people around them. An in-depth discussion about this combination is here.

Examples of the blends include:

  • Phlegmatic- Sanguine
  • Phlegmatic-Choleric
  • Phlegmatic-Melancholic

Sanguine Blends

The outstanding temperament in this combination is the sanguine temperament. The individual scores more in sanguine traits and then another personality trait. Specific information on the different variations of the combinations is here.

Examples of the blends include:

  • Sanguine-Phlegmatic
  • Sanguine-Choleric
  • Sanguine-Melancholic

Melancholic Blends

Just like the other combinations, the melancholic combinations have the melancholic trait as the dominant trait of all the other traits. They have with them the need to be right influenced by the Melancholic traits. The combinations have been explained in-depth here.

Examples of the blends include:

  • Melancholic- Sanguine
  • Melancholic -Phlegmatic
  • Melancholic- Choleric
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