What is Introversion According to Carl Jung?

What is Introversion According to Carl Jung?
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The idea behind introversion, begins with trying to describe personality types. Many researchers and psychologists have formulated different theories on personality types to try and explain human behavior. In this regard Carl Jung’s contribution to the field of personality types involved the concept of introversion and Extroversion.

According to Carl Jung, Introversion refers to the attitude of an individual that is focused on the internal world through reflection, being insightful, and thoughtful.

The introvert would enjoy their own company as opposed to being in a group of people. They might use their time in reading, meditating, listening to music or writing. The terms that have been used to describe an introvert include shy, unsocial and Loner. However, these descriptions are not entirely true meanings of an introvert. For example a shy person describes an individual who fears people and social institutions whereas introverts do not like spending much time with other people.

The main difference between an introvert and an extrovert is how they recharge their energy. The introvert would prefer to be alone whereas the extrovert would search for a social environment to recharge.

Characteristics that define an introvert :

  • They are thoughtful
  • Enjoy their own company
  • Re-energize by being alone
  • Learn through observation
  • Tends to be reserved when in the company of many people
  • Deal with their emotions and thoughts on their own instead of talking about them
  • Have few close friends
  • Tend to be more sociable among their friends
  • They enjoy job environments that promote independence

Unknown to most people, introverts tend to make the best leaders. This is due to their ability to observe and analyze situations before reacting. They also tend to be calm and good listeners. Therefore in a work place, consider urging the interest of an introvert. If you are one yourself, people won’t notice how effective you are in the work place by submerging into your personality. Therefore, one should learn to;

  • Get out of their comfort zone
  • Choose the right roles that would magnify your strength
  • Schedule a time to be alone and recharge because this is important to your personality
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