What is My Temperament Type? Phlegmatic, Melancholic, Sanguine, or Choleric?

What is My Temperament Type? Phlegmatic, Melancholic, Sanguine, or Choleric?
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Psychologists have different measures in which to categorize personality types. Therefore, Phlegmatic, Melancholic, Sanguine, and Choleric belong to the aspect of psychology referred to as temperaments. Temperaments are the personality types that are concerned with how individuals react emotionally. It generally reflects how a person’s mood changes according to time.

How do you determine your temperament type? Take a test here. Then find out what these temperament types entail.

Phlegmatic Temperament

  • At a child level, this temperament is considered as a slow to warm up child.
  • It operates under the predominant humor “phlegm”.
  • These are individuals who consider themselves a peoples person.
  • They seek harmony and peace in every relationships.
  • They dislike conflicts and confrontations and would do what it takes to evade them.
  • They are loyal in romantic relationships.
  • They are very talkative because they want to connect to different people.
  • They know how to keep and maintain relationships with friends and relatives.
  • They like to help other people and are often involved in charity.
  • They are considered as agreeable and thus easily manipulated.
  • They are also very indecisive.
  • they are good followers and thus they might not do well in leadership positions.
  • They barely take criticisms and thus it takes longer periods to recover.
  • They can flourish in careers such as teaching, nursing and social sciences.

Melancholic Temperament

  • At the child level, they are considered the difficult child.
  • It operates under the predominant humor “Black Bile”.
  • They like to follow norms and traditions
  • They show respect to authority and follow rules to the letter.
  • They are very organized and orderly
  • Unlike the sanguine, they like to plan and follow a schedule through
  • They are very predictable as they follow a routine
  • They pay attention to details and thus in relationships, they remember the important dates.
  • They are loyal to their families and friends and having a family as part of their routine, they would rarely go for adventures that would keep them apart.
  • They do not like jokes since it is not accurate to the point as they would prefer.
  • They are also considered perfectionists.
  • They cannot work under pressure
  • They are overachievers and would require recognition for their efforts even if they won’t say it out loud.
  • They make excellent managers
  • They are considered close-minded and stubborn
  • They are often pessimistic about events and outcomes
  • They are very critical and can judge harshly.
  • In relationships, they take dating seriously.
  • They dislike drama and thus might appear unromantic.
  • Melancholic due to the love for tradition, seek marriage.

Sanguine Temperament

  • At the child level, they are the easy child.
  • This personality operates under the predominant humor “Blood”.
  • These are individuals who consider themselves a peoples person.
  • The are generally fun lovers and thus always the center of attention.
  • They are considered the life of the party.
  • They are friendly and can never be found alone.
  • They are very spontenious and unpredictable.
  • They are always late and have excuses for everything.
  • They are very optimistic and carefree.
  • They are very creative and make great artists.
  • They portray large amounts of energy and are never found doing nothing.
  • They love to live in luxury to impress other people around them.
  • They are spendthrifts and enjoy money and comfort.
  • They are high risk takers
  • They like adventure which influences most of their decisions.
  • They easily adapt to new environments and situations.
  • Unlike the Melancholics, they dislike routine and repetitive experiences.
  • They often have last minute plans and decisions.
  • They are very curious and and have a wide range of interests.
  • They tend to procrastinate tasks due to the many engagements they have.
  • In relationships, they look for someone who would seek adventure with them.
  • They do well in jobs that endorse their natural abilities such as fashion, music, travel and cooking.

Choleric Temperament

  • At child level they are the hot tempered child.
  • The personality operates under the predominant humor “yellow bile”.
  • they are good followers and thus they might not do well in leadership positions.
  • They are task-oriented people.
  • They like to work with logic and analyze matters.
  • They make great leaders.
  • They are in pursuit of meaningful conversations thus dislike small talk.
  • They are good at math, geometry and specific sciences.
  • They are often considered as unfriendly as they do things as they find convenient to them.
  • Unlike the phlegmatic, they are very fast at decision making.
  • Cholerics naturally excell as business persons.
  • In relationships they tend to be skeptical and do not trust easily.
  • They appear as bold and confident individuals.
  • They also appear calm and collected.
  • They are also highly independent and flourish working alone.
  • Since they are task oriented, they are focused on success and achievements.
  • They set high standards and constantly keep raising the bar.
  • In relationships, they look for individuals who would match their need for meaningful conversations thus, they look for intelligent people.
  • They are often detached from their feelings since they want to achieve control.
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