What is Therapy Like?

What is Therapy Like?
April 26, 2023 No Comments Mental health emmahjoy

I also asked this question several times before entering a counselor’s room.  I didn’t

understand how someone  just steps into a room with a stranger and begins telling them

their deepest secrets and troubles.


So if it is your first time and you are worried, this is what therapy is like: 


1. Awkwardness

The first session can go two ways. Either you

instantly connect with the therapist, or you don’t. If

you don’t instantly connect, it can get slightly

awkward trying to respond to the therapist.

However, this is a normal occurrence that happens to most people. Therefore you

can get over it. In this Link, I discuss how to make the most of your first therapy session


How to get over awkwardness in a therapy session

  • Bring it up with the therapist and let them know what you are feeling
  • Acknowledge the feelings
  • Set goals and expectations beforehand. It would help you feel like you are in control. 
  • Maybe try a different therapist if you feel a complete barrier between you and the current therapist.


2. Relationship

A therapy journey often involves creating a relationship between the client and the

therapist.  The relationship allows trust between the client and the therapist to form. As a

result, it enhances free communication. When this bond is formed, you won’t struggle to

open up or be vulnerable with the therapist. Although it is a crucial part of therapy, it is a

process that grows with time as you continue to see the therapy. However, you should be

keen to identify when the process is not working and seek a different therapist. 


3. Emotions

I knew from watching movies that there can be a

lot of emotional moments. However, I never knew I

would have to experience various of them. In

exploring my trauma, I went

from feeling angry to feeling sad to trying to hide the feelings, and lastly, I allowed myself

to explore these emotions. Having someone from the other end sitting and listening as you

rant out your frustrations is quite relieving. I am sure you are not ready for the emotional

baggage you carry. But is it a good thing? Yes, I would say I won’t have managed to unpack

my baggage alone. 

4. Assignments 

It won’t be complete if I don’t talk about assignments. I don’t know the kind of therapist you

might meet, but I do know that they give out tasks for you among the treatment plans in

therapy. It might be journaling, a challenge towards your work, or goal setting. Some might

be fun to do, while some might not be so much fun. However, being open to the process

would do you some good. Allow yourself to be challenged. 


In conclusion, therapy can be what you want it to be like.  Therapy can be healing if you

open up to the process. Therapy can be rough if you have so much pain to deal with,

although it gets better. Therapy can be healing if you want to heal. Therapy can be

comforting if you find a bond with the therapist. 


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