What therapy do I need ?

What therapy do I need ?
April 26, 2023 No Comments Mental health emmahjoy

There are so many different types of therapy out there. The type of therapy always depends

on the problems that you are facing as an individual. This means that a therapist will define

their treatment plan based on the diagnosis they formulate. However, if you have some

knowledge concerning therapy and counseling, you already want to seek specific services. 

Here is a list of the different types of therapy. 


1. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

This therapy focuses on identifying and changing negative thought patterns and behaviors

contributing to emotional distress. You and your therapist will work together to identify

negative thoughts and beliefs contributing to your emotional distress. Together you will

identify the patterns and form a strategy for dealing with them. You will learn how to

challenge yourself when faced with a challenging situation.  It often treats depression,

anxiety, eating disorders, and addictions. 


2. Psychodynamic therapy

In this therapy, the focus is on exploring unconscious patterns of thought and behavior that

may be contributing to your everyday challenges. It is based on the idea that from our early

life experiences,  we store things in our unconscious mind which shape our current

behaviors. You and your therapist will work together to explore your thoughts, feelings, and

behaviors to gain insight into the underlying causes of your present problems. Therefore, you might end up looking at:

  •  childhood issues like neglect, attachment, trauma, 
  • Relationships; abuse, toxicity 
  • Defense mechanisms; these are the ways you try to protect yourself unknowingly. I have expounded more about it in the link.


3. Solution Focused brief therapy

You and the therapist try to maximize your time together in this therapy. Therefore, it is

focused on achieving goals as quickly as possible. It is based on the idea that individuals

can solve their problems and that therapy should focus on identifying and building on their

strengths rather than their weaknesses or problems. Helpful with problem-solving cases  


4. Existential therapy

This therapy emphasizes the individual’s search for meaning and purpose in life. It relies on

the idea that Individuals are responsible for creating meaning in their lives and that this

search for meaning is a fundamental part of human existence. With the therapist, you will

examine your thoughts, feelings, and actions to understand yourself and your purpose in life

better. The therapist may also encourage you to explore your values and beliefs and to

consider how these influence your actions and decisions. Helpful when dealing with

suicidal ideations and depression.


5. Mindfulness-based therapies

It involves learning mindfulness meditation and other mindfulness practices to help

individuals become more aware of their thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. It is

often used in combination with other therapy techniques. It is helpful when handling

depression, anxiety,  addiction, stress, and chronic pain.


In conclusion, there are more types of therapy; however, I tried to list a few of the most

commonly used. It is okay to know what kind of therapy you might need but as a therapist, 

I advocate that you should go open-minded to the therapy session. 


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