What Type of Job Fits Your Temperament?

What Type of Job Fits Your Temperament?
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In this post, I discuss the four primary temperaments and how considering their different attributes are important in career choice. 

The Sanguine

As I had discussed in the previous post, the Sanguine is fun-loving, creative, a

people pleaser, and extremely extroverted. As a sanguine, you are never shy to

meet new people and engage them in a conversation.


In terms of careers, you tend to have a lot of career options because your major

requirement is that the job should allow you to interact with different people.

Therefore, the Sanguine excels in sales and marketing because you have the best

ways to charm a buyer.


Your ability to charm people can also be put to good use as a preacher, actor, and

entertainer. You excel as an auctioneer, master of ceremonies, and occasionally as

leaders (if properly blended with another temperament).


You are more in demand in the political sphere because of today’s mass media,

where inherent charisma has proven to be a huge asset. An example of a Sanguine

is Tiffany Haddish. 


The Melancholic

Your main attributes are the fact that you like routine, structure, tradition and you

are keen on details. You are mainly introverted and keep away from jobs that

would require constant interactions.


You are basically the opposite of the Sanguine in terms of your behaviour. Due to

your attention to detail, you might do well in careers such as law, economics,

finance and banking.



The need for perfection might be satisfied in a career in manufacturing and

production, however, you might not do so well as a business owner or leader, 

because you are oriented towards getting things done yourself.


You can also make it in the field of science and research work because they require

an individual keen on details. Your love for the structure would find you in

engineering and technology-related jobs.


The Phlegmatic

Your main attributes are that you are caring, accommodating, organized,  calm and

a peace lover. You tend to be very introverted yet still people-oriented. You are

often loyal and make a good follower and not a leader.


You also tend to be organized and like it when things follow a given order. As a

result of these traits, the phlegmatic would do well as a nurse, caregiver,

counselling and teaching professions(You make a good trainer and coach ) due to

your caring demeanour.

You can also make a good administrator (office worker, clerical jobs, record and

bookkeeping) because of your organisational skills. The accommodative and

people-loving qualities would mean that you would do well as a human resource

manager and places that require conflict resolution.


Your calm nature and ability to solve problems peacefully would mean that you

can excel as a diplomat. Lastly as a people pleaser and due to your loyalty, you

make a good assistant and coordinator. 


The Choleric 

 Your main attributes are that you are authoritative, bold and assertive. You tend to

seek control and are very ambitious. You are a task-oriented extrovert and very

aggressive at what you do.


You are also impulsive and easily angered. Using these major traits, you can define

which type of jobs would be conducive for you. You are a natural-born leader

therefore supervisor roles, managerial positions and business owner suits you well.


Due to your aggressive nature and ambitious traits, you can do well as an

entrepreneur. You have the self-motivation to start and keep a business running.

They are often successful in their work because they put all their energy into it.


They can also make a great coach due to their need for results. As sales agents, they

would be the most successful where aggression and boldness are required.   An

example of a Choleric celebrity is Steve Jobs.


In conclusion, the best career for the sanguine is entertainment(music, acting,

master of ceremony, dance), marketing and sales, Artistic and creative platforms.


The best career for the choleric is entrepreneurship,  supervisor and managerial

positions, Sports coach and sales agent.


The best career for Melancholic is law, economics, finance and banking,

manufacturing and production, science and research, engineering and technology-

related jobs.


The best career for the Phlegmatic is nursing, counselling and teaching

professions, office worker, clerical jobs, record and bookkeeping, assistants, 

coordinators and diplomats. 


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